BBC presenter 'mesmerises' viewers with 4 minutes of silence due to computer glitch

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BBC presenter Huw Edwards broke the silence after the four minute mark.
BBC presenter Huw Edwards sat in silence for close to four minutes. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB/ JONATHAN PERRY YOUTUBE

The BBC hit the headlines of other news agencies after its evening programme, News at Ten, began with a few minutes of silence on Tuesday (June 20) evening (Wednesday morning SGT).

Experienced presenter Huw Edwards sat in silence for around four minutes, and appeared to be unaware that he was on air.

Attributed to a computer glitch, a "breaking news" graphic flashed across the screen multiple times, interspersed with shots of Mr Edwards from different angles.

He looked deep in thought, pursing his lips, raising his eyebrows and writing notes in turn, as the cameras panned and zoomed in and out.

On another channel, BBC One, the screen showed a message apologising for the "break in this programme".

Bemused viewers quickly took to social media to comment on the flub.

Around four minutes into the programme, as if without warning, Mr Edwards broke the silence to begin the show proper.

The editor of the show later explained the glitch on Twitter, saying the technical system crashed seconds before 10pm.

As for Mr Edwards, he enjoyed a "little beauty" after the show.

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