At least 10 hurt in Pamplona's final bull run

SPAIN (REUTERS) - At least 10 people were hurt at Pamplona's final bull run of 2017 on Friday (July 14), as runners, many wearing traditional white shirts with red neckties, raced through the narrow city streets chased by a dozen bulls and steers.

Around 2,000 people a day take part in the centuries-old tradition, in which especially-bred animals are released from their pen to stampede through an 875m stretch of the city to the bull ring as runners attempt to dodge out of their way.

Made famous internationally by Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises, the Pamplona bull run is the largest of many similar local events throughout Spain.

The bull run on Friday, the last of eight runs held from July 7 to July 14, included bulls from the Miura ranch and was the fastest this year at two minutes and 10 seconds. Once the morning run is over, the bulls face off with matadors in the city's bull ring in the afternoon.