Colombian man uses special hand gestures to help blind, deaf friend relish World Cup win

Jose Richard Gallego (left) follows the match with the help of his guide Cesar Daza. PHOTO: REUTERS

As the Fifa World Cup 2018 hits fever pitch, a Colombian man has shown the Internet what the beautiful game truly means by helping his blind and deaf friend experience their country's win over Poland.

Colombia fan Jose Richard Gallego lost his hearing and vision to a disease when he was nine years old, reported Britain's Sky News last Monday (June 25).

But that did not stop him from following every movement on the pitch when Colombia beat Poland 3-0, thanks to his good friend Cesar Daza.

Mr Daza came up with a series of unique hand gesture to describe the match his friend in real-time as they sat among a cheering crowd in a bar in the capital Bogota.

He mimics the players' position by moving Mr Gallego's hands on a scaled-down football pitch in front of them.

There are also different gestures for penalties, corners, throw-ins and red cards.

Mr Gallego told British newspaper The Sun, in sign language: "I still remember before I lost my sight, I often watched the matches between Santa Fe and Millonarios on TV.

Jose Richard Gallego, who is visually impaired, follows the match with the help of his guide Cesar Daza. PHOTO: REUTERS

"I've liked Millonarios since then."

The pair met three years ago and bonded over their love of football, and Mr Daza picked up sign language thereafter.

A video of their heartwarming interaction has touched many people on the Internet and it went viral over the past week.

The video ends with Colombia scoring a goal as the duo raise their arms in the air in jubilation, before hugging each other.

A user on online discussion forum Reddit said: "That is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Best bro award 2018."

Another user added: "6.55am and you're giving me happy tears. Thanks for being a bro and starting my day positively."

Colombia emerged top in Group H with six points after their 1-0 win over Senegal last Thursday (June 28).

The country is set to face England at the knockout stage on Wednesday.

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