Asian Insider Podcast: Can South-east Asia's billion dollar meth trade be stopped?

Asian Insider Ep 8: Can South-east Asia's billion dollar meth trade be stopped?

11:28 mins

Asia's El Chapo’s syndicate is believed to be funnelling tonnes of methamphetamine and other drugs to at least a dozen countries from Japan to New Zealand. Tse Chi Lopis is now the prime target of Operation Kungur, an international man-hunt by about 20 agencies spanning from 3 continents.

So with the hunt for Asia's El Chapo in full swing, The Straits Times US bureau chief Nirmal Ghosh speaks to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) officials and Indochina correspondent Tan Hui Yee to unravel the booming drug trade in South-east Asia.

Produced by: Nirmal Ghosh & Zia-ul Raushan

Edited by: Zia-ul Raushan

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