April Fool's Day 2017: 10 fake news highlights

April Fool’s Day is here again. Here’s a round-up of our 10 favourite April Fool’s Day pranks..

1. Ikea's 'press-play-ground'

Ikea Singapore’s Facebook post on its plans to transform its children’s playground Smaland from a magical forest to a haven of sitting pods with tablets horrified parents.

Happily, the outrage soon subsided as people cottoned on to the fact that the plan was an April Fool’s Day joke. 

Many even thanked Ikea for reminding them to spend more quality time with their children.

2. Ikea takes to the skies

Ikea Australia also joined in the fun, announcing plans for its own low-cost airline FLIKEA and touting the world’s first non-stop flight from Sweden to Australia.

“The airline will utilise the five dimensions of Democratic Design unique to Ikea – exceptional form, quality, sustainability, function and price – to reduce aircraft weight and fuel requirements, resulting in a dramatically reduced transit time, lower ticket price, and cutting out the need for any stopovers,” wrote Ikea on its Facebook page.

This one should have been easy to spot, however: jumbo jets are a bit hard to build yourself at home.

3. Trump buys Dublin landmark

The Irish Times ran a story about Dublin getting its very own Trump Tower after a company connected to the US President bought the 16-storey Liberty Hall.

In “plans” seen by the paper’s reporters, the existing structure was supposed to be replaced by a five-star hotel standing twice as tall. Each of the 32 floors would bear the name of an Irish county.

President Trump, as one might expect, took to Twitter to announce the deal: “Bought a small tower in Dublin, Ireland.

We are going to build an awesome hotel in Dublin. It will be totally great. Love Ireland! Great country! #trumpdublin”.

The story was later outed as fake by a slew of other news agencies including the Telegraph and the Independent.

4. Pakistan to name airport after Xi Jinping

The Pakistan Express Tribune reported that as relations between China and Pakistan continue to grow stronger, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided to name the new airport in Islamabad after Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“To celebrate 66 years of friendship between the two countries and as a token of appreciation for the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the premier has decided to honour the Chinese president,” a source told the paper.

The Xi Jinping airport is likely to begin operations in July, the report said, before revealing the joke with an April Fool’s GIF image at the bottom of the page on the Express Tribune website.

5. Gorilla bed

Mattress makers Lucid Mattress announced their newest product in honour of murdered gorilla Harambe’s legacy - the Harambed, which literally allows users to sleep in his loving embrace any time they want.

Made from 100 per cent authentic faux (gorilla) fur complete with authentic gorilla scent, the Harambed is billed as the “dankest bed on the market”.

6. Wayne Rooney to become pro wrestler 

Goal.com reported that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has turned down a lucrative move to the Chinese Super League in favour of pursuing his childhood dream of being a wrestler in the WWE.

The 31-year-old did not rule out lacing up his boots for his country again, but made clear where his priorities now lie.

“I would still like to play for England,” Rooney said, “but if I had to pick between appearing in Royal Rumble and playing for Gareth Southgate, there’s only ever going to be one winner.”

7. Loch Ness Monster


A polar bear has been spotted as far south as Scotland as animals flee the melting Arctic ice cap, the Telegraph reported.

The bear was discovered living on an island in the Outer Hebrides, an island chain off the west coast of Scotland.

If the report is to be believed (it isn’t), polar bears could soon be found scavenging for discarded haggis in the bins of Glasgow as Arctic temperatures continue to increase.

Polar bears have not lived on Scotland for 18,000 years.

8. Burger toothpaste

Burger King France announced that it was releasing a Whopper-flavoured toothpaste. 

Burger King’s advertisement proudly proclaims that “you won't have to hesitate between enjoying a Whopper and brushing your teeth ever again”, and also features ringing endorsements from “dentists” about the toothpaste’s effect on oral hygiene.

9. Transfer coup for Nee Soon Football Programme

Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam announced on his Facebook page that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has agreed to become the new coach for the Nee Soon Football and Study Programme.

Mr Shanmugam added that he had sought national footballing icon Fandi Ahmad’s permission first, as Fandi has been helping out with the programme.

10. There is actually no tenth item

We would like to apologise to readers who have read this far only to discover that the promise of 10 items on this list is a lie. FAKE NEWS.

Thanks for reading the Straits Times.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!