Zika virus spreads to Peru

PERU (Reuters) - A Venezuelan man living in the country's capital, Lima, has become Peru's first case of Zika.

Crews immediately began spraying to kill the mosquitoes which carry the virus.

But Peru now becomes one of 23 countries and territories known to harbour Zika.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala is appealing for calm.

"The health minister himself has gone to this man's home and they took measures to make sure it won't spread and additionally, we are taking a series of measures to make sure this Zika issue does not end up an epidemic the way it is in some of our brother countries," said Mr Humala.

Zika is spreading quickly through the hemisphere and the World Health Organisation expects as many as 4 million people to become infected with it before the disease is brought under control

With no vaccine or cure, officials are fighting back with the only tools at their disposal.

They're attacking the mosquitoes that carry the virus.