Wildlife at risk in Brazil park blaze

Firefighters in Brazil are in a race against time as a wildfire rages through a national park, threatening wildlife.

BRAZIL (REUTERS) - The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Goias, Brazil is burning up.

A wildfire that started on October 17 has destroyed nearly 160,000 acres, roughly a quarter of the entire park.

Firefighters are attacking the flames by air and on the ground.

“The aim is for them to control the flames as much as possible before the firefighters go in and do the rest,” said one of the firefighters.

Known for its biodiversity, the park is home to an array of flora and wildlife. Park rangers say they fear the worst.

“We have guara wolves, jaguars, deer as well as many other types of animals (living in the park). We will clearly have a lot of deaths,”

Director of the Chapada Dos Viadeiros National Park Fernando Tatagiba said.

Officials believe the fire was deliberately lit and an investigation is underway to find those responsible.