Olympic infrastructure causes suffering in favelas

Residents of a favela near the Olympic Park suffer from the extra infrastructure, with a bus route now splitting the community and houses starting to fall apart.

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)  - Excited fans flock to the Olympic stadium in Rio, in hopes of seeing famous international athletes compete.

But two kilometres north, angry residents curse the Games, as they watch buses rumble over the new elevated highway constructed to transport fans and competitors to the events.

Residents of this favela say the vibrations from the BRT overpass are tearing their homes, and their community, apart.

"We used to live calmly, now we are constantly tense, nobody can sleep, there are lots of killings, death, shootings, things we didn't see before" said favela resident Maria Do Socorro.

Residents say city officials promised to provide basic sanitation to the community, where all household waste flows into a putrid stream that regularly overflows during the rainy season.

But they're not optimistic that will happen.

"I think that after the Olympics, officials might just give us a little bit of attention, tricking us, because of the elections coming up, but after that I think they will abandon us" said resident Janaina Assis.

A high-level security source has told Reuters that at least three Olympic buses have been hit by projectiles while speeding down the road.

A form of protest likely to continue as those at home feel left behind while the world celebrates the Olympic Games next door.