Cuban waterspouts injure dozens

Dramatic video footage captures waterspouts on the coast of southern Cuba that left 38 people injured and damaged dozens of houses.

CUBA (Reuters) - A freak waterspout was captured by onlookers on Saturday (July 2) just off the coast of Playa Caimito in southern Cuba.

Witnesses say they saw as many as seven waterspouts take form, before running for their own safety. Many took shelter inside homes, not built for such severe storms.

"It was an enormous disaster. My children and I were inside my home and thank God, my neighbour put my children under the bed. I was in the living room with all the rubble on top of me. It was horrible," said Playa Caimito resident Madelin Barban.

Waves of up to 16 feet (4.9m) in height crashed along the shore toppling an estimated 30 homes and properties. At least 38 people were injured in the storm, though no fatalities have been reported.

Caught off guard, locals now face the task of building back what they can.