Canadian woman finds long-lost diamond ring on a carrot in garden

OTTAWA (AFP) - An elderly Canadian woman has recovered a diamond engagement ring she lost 13 years ago, after it turned up this week on a carrot pulled from her old garden.

Mary Grams, 84, told local media she lost the ring she'd worn since 1951 while weeding on the family farm near Armena, Alberta in 2004.

Out of embarrassment she said she kept it a secret from everyone except her son, going as far as buying a replacement ring so her husband Norman would be none the wiser. Norman died in 2012 shortly after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary.

This week, Grams' daughter-in-law Colleen Daley, who now lives on the farm, reportedly spotted the ring on a grotesque carrot she'd pulled from the garden while washing dirt off it.

The stubby, misshapen carrot had grown through the ring, appearing like a tight band on a chubby finger.

"I'd never seen anything like that," Daley told public broadcaster CBC.

"I asked my husband if he recognised the ring, and he said yes. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot."

Grams said she never expected to see the ring again, after looking "high and low" for it years back.

"It still fits," she told CBC.

Oddly, it's not the first time someone has recovered a ring on a carrot. A Swedish woman found her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden in 2011, 16 years after losing it.