Anti-Trump campaign hits Mexico City

The anti-Donald Trump Avaaz campaign has come to Mexico City, assisting US expats in registering to vote, in the hopes that the Republican nominee will be defeated.

MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) - South of the border in Mexico City, the anti-Donald Trump campaign has taken on a new melody.

Activist Joseph Huff-Hannon says they're going after US expats, registering them to vote in time for the election.

"So we're already seeing thousands and thousands of new registrations, we're seeing people who've never voted before. They're going to vote in this election and so we think it's going to have a tremendous impact and Donald Trump is going to be defeated and defeated tremendously," said Mr Huff-Hannon.

Mr Trump has famously accused Mexicans of being rapists and drug dealers.

He has also promised to build a wall on the border and to make Mexico pay for it.

All of this has given Mexican-American citizen Amado Benitez enough incentive to register.

"Because I am against him, simply put, he's a person who will cause much, much damage. I don't like his way of thinking, how he behaves or what he thinks of us Mexicans," said Mr Benitez.

And that's a tune Mr Benitez will be singing all the way until election day.