More than 150 injured in South Africa train crash: Medics

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) - At least 150 passengers were injured in a train crash in south Johannesburg late on Friday, South African officials said, adding that there were no confirmed fatalities.

One train was reported to have ploughed into a stationary train near Booysens station as workers headed home from the city, the economic capital of South Africa.

"We don't have the exact number but it's more than 150 people injured," Russel Meiring, spokesman for the ER24 medical service that was treating people at the scene, told AFP.

"About 100 people have been removed from the scene to hospital. We believe there is no one trapped inside anymore."

He said there were no reported deaths.

A commuter told the Eyewitness News website that one train derailed and hit the other, though rail authorities told AFP that they were at the scene and the cause of the crash had not yet been identified.