Man saws his hand off while renovating his home

UNITED KINGDOM - A 69-year-old man in the UK nearly lost his hand after he cut it off with a power saw.

According to Sky News, Mr Edryd Jones was doing some renovation work on his bedroom ceiling when he cut off his left hand.

"I didn't realise my hand had gone until I went to pick up a piece of wood and it wasn't there. It was on the floor," said the retired teacher in an interview with Sky News.

Mr Jones was alone in the house at the time and walked to his neighbour's house to ask for help.

His neighbour quickly retrieved Mr Jones' hand and put it in bowl of ice.

Surgeons managed to reattach his hand after a nine-hour long operation. Mr Jones is now able to move his hand and drive again.

"I still have the saw but I won't be using it again. I'm back to using an old-fashioned hand saw," he said.

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