Google's Earth Day quiz: Test your knowledge of the environment with these other quizzes

Are you a mantis shrimp, or more like a honey badger?

Search engine Google has the answer in the form of a Google Doodle - a version of its homepage logo that commemorates special days of the year.

The Internet giant celebrated Earth Day 2015 on April 22 with a quirky quiz that finds out what animal the user is like, based on the person's favourite snack or preferred Friday night activity, among others.

If you enjoyed the quiz and its celebration of the worldwide environmental movement, here are six other ecologically minded quizzes to put your knowledge of planet Earth to the test.

1. Global Warming Quiz

This questionnaire focuses on what is causing climate change and extreme weather patterns, and also the consequences of deforestation and burning fossil fuels.

2. Green awareness quiz, hangman-style

Figure out some ecological terms, but make sure you get as few guesses wrong as possible.

3. Family education's Environment quiz

This will test how well you know your energy facts, such as which country produces the most energy in the world and which energy sources are not renewable.

4. World History Project's Earth Day trivia

Past events like the Kyoto Protocol and when the first Earth Day was celebrated feature in this quiz by the World History Project.

5. Earth Gauge's kids' quiz on environmental science

This short quiz may be targeted at children, but it is not easy to ace.

6. National Geographic's Awesome Earth Quiz

From the magazine that brought readers stunning pictures of wildlife and the environment comes this quiz about the planet, its geography and the creatures big and small that live on it.

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