165 Air France passengers stuck in Montreal

MONTREAL (AFP) - The breakdown of an Air France jet has stranded 165 passengers in Montreal since Sunday (April 17) and the airline says it needs another day to get them home.

The Airbus A340 jetliner had made a scheduled departure from the Canadian city to Paris on Sunday but had to turn back shortly after takeoff.

Passengers were asked to wait for the aircraft to be repaired instead of being rescheduled on other flights.

"We've been waiting two days for a flight to Paris," passenger Didier Pasquet told AFP Monday evening.

"Terrible experience and ruined vacation," Daniel Dahan said in a Twitter message.

An Air France spokesman told AFP most of the passengers would be transferred to two other Air France flights Tuesday night. The rest would be reserved seats aboard competitors' flights, including KLM, Air Transat and Air Canada also Tuesday.

All of the passengers would reach Paris no later than Wednesday, Air France pledged.