The Big Story: Cross Island Line environmental impact, Hong Kong protests and never-ending 'closing down' sales

SINGAPORE - Catch up with the hottest topics on The Straits Times' new weekday talk show.

The Big Story, broadcast every weekday at 5.30pm on Facebook and YouTube, has reporters and senior editors discussing the top stories of the day, in the heart of the newsroom.

In Monday's (Sept 2) episode, senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan will talk about the environmental impact of the Cross Island MRT Line and its proposed route.

Following that, regional correspondent Elizabeth Law will talk about the violence shown by protesters and the police in the most recent Hong Kong protests.

Lastly, journalist Yuen Sin will discuss the marketing tactics behind "closing down sales" that never seem to end.

Topics covered in previous episodes include how a phenomenon known as the Indian Ocean Dipole is likely causing the dry spell in Singapore; new government measures to encourage parenthood and marriage; the instances where people have to give their NRIC details under stricter rules from Sept 1; and how the growing presence of virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens by food delivery apps disrupt the food and beverage scene here.