Sing Our Song: Where Did You Go?

In the finale of Sing Our Song, Tat Tong (left), best known for electronic dance music, collaborates with Ariane Goh. PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

When a boy played hot and cold and eventually vanished, singer-songwriter Ariane Goh wrote "Where Did You Go?" to mark the end of a relationship that didn't really exist.

In this final episode of Sing Our Song, veteran musician Tat Tong, best known for electronic dance music, collaborates with Ariane, whose singing style leans towards R&B and Soul.

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Ariane, 27, a full time singing instructor, also performs at weddings and pubs. Born to a Singaporean father and Taiwanese mother, Ariane grew up listening to Chinese pop music with her mum. Despite being exposed to Chinese music first, Ariane began her songwriting journey with English songs.

She said, "I really like Corrinne May and was inspired to become a singer-songwriter because of her."

It was after she signed to Malaysian musician Wu Jiahui's music publishing firm, Small Box Company, that she began writing Mandarin songs. Since then, she has written 30 songs and successfully sold 10 to singers like Jia Jia, Janice Vidal and Koala Liu.

The original demo "Where Did You Go?" that Ariane submitted to Sing Our Song was selected by Tat Tong for his rearrangement. He injected electronic music and rap elements, transforming the song into the trending 2019 American R&B style.

In the finale concert on 2 April, Ariane will sing this rendition of "Where Did You Go?" at Capitol Theatre. Singers Serene Koong and Wu Jiahui will be performing as guest singers. The gig will also be broadcasted live on as well as's Facebook page.

About Sing Our Song

Sing Our Song is a never-before-seen online-to-offline seven-episode music programme where budding local musicians are paired with local veterans to embark on a musical journey of coaching, collaboration and co-creation.

Viewers enjoy real-time interaction during the live webcast of the finale performance, and even stand a chance to be invited to watch the performance at an exclusive venue steeped in history. This show promises to give audiences a dazzling time and a new way to experience music.

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