Three ultra-violet box sanitisers on the market

Momax Q.Power UV-Box
Casetify UV Sanitizer
Lexuma XGerm

Ultra-violet (UV) box sanitisers offer a safe and convenient way to sanitise your smartphones and other gadgets.

Here are three models that their makers say have been tested by third-party laboratories and proven to kill 99.9 per cent of known germs and bacteria.

Do note that at this point, it is not known if such UV box sanitisers are effective in combating the coronavirus that is causing the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, UV light, especially UV-C light, is very harmful to the human body. So, take extra care when using these devices to avoid exposing yourself and others to the UV light from the device. Follow strictly the safety instructions that come with these devices.

Momax Q.Power UV-Box

$89.90, available on Qoo10 and Shopee

The all-white Momax Q.Power UV-Box sanitiser has a USB-C charging port at its rear and a lid with a button.

Open the lid and you will find two UV lamps at each end of the interior. Place your smartphone in it, close the lid and press the button. One press will start an 18-minute sterilisation session, while a double-press kicks off a 30-minute session. The device will give a loud beep at the end of the session.

There is an aroma diffuser inlet inside. Add a drop of aroma liquid to make your smartphone smell good.

If someone calls while your phone is being sterilised, just open the lid and the UV lights will turn off.

However, its capacity is limited. It can fit only one smartphone up to the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note10+. An Apple Watch with straps attached will not fit.

The lid doubles as a wireless charging pad, with up to 7.5W (iOS) and 10W (Android) of wireless charging power. While this means you cannot charge your smartphone during sterilisation, it can be convenient as you can use the wireless charging pad any time without having to open the lid.

Casetify UV Sanitizer

US$120 (S$171), available on

Smartphone-case maker Casetify's UV Sanitizer comes in an almost all-white finish, with a USB-C power port on the left side and a lid with a button.

Its interior has a black rubber pad that doubles as a wireless charging pad. Six UV lamps do the job of disinfecting your smartphone and other gadgets that can fit inside.

Open the lid, place your smartphone in there, close the lid and the three-minute sterilisation process will start automatically. The lid button's circular indicator will stop flashing when the process is done.

To charge your smartphone wirelessly during the sterilisation process, press the lid button once before placing your smartphone inside.

Double press the button to turn off wireless charging if you are sterilising other items like glasses or cutlery.

A big plus is its spacious interior - big enough to accommodate an Apple AirPods Pro charging case and an iPhone 11 at the same time.

While this is the most expensive UV sanitiser in this round-up, there is a worthwhile reason to get it.

Casetify says all sales proceeds from its UV sanitisers will go to GlobalGiving - the largest global crowdfunding community - and its Coronavirus Relief Fund to help send essential supplies to hospitals and clinics.

Lexuma XGerm

$79.90, available at SGphone, 7daysdeal, Challenger and P2o Mobile

The Lexuma XGerm comes in two colours - black and white. It has a portrait orientation - in other words, its lid opens from one of its shorter sides.

There are two buttons on the box's front, with four LED indicators sandwiched between them. One button is for starting the sterilisation and the other is for both sterilisation and aromatherapy. A micro-USB port at its rear is for powering the device.

There are two UV lamps - one on each side of the interior. An aroma diffuser inlet at the base of the interior lets you add a drop of scented liquid.

Put your smartphone inside, close the lid and press the sterilisation button to start the process, which takes about 10 minutes. To activate both sterilisation and aromatherapy, add a scented droplet and press the button for both sterilisation and aromatherapy.

XGerm doubles as a wireless charger for smartphones during the sterilisation process.

Unlike the other two models, you can see the progress of the sterilisation, via its LED indicators. The process is completed when all four indicators are lit.

Its interior is big enough to accommodate an Apple AirPods Pro charging case. It should also be able to fit an Apple Watch along with a set of car or home keys.

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