Tech review: Dyson V11 Absolute-ly worth the price

The V11 Absolute is said to have 20 per cent more suction power than its predecessor, the Cyclone V10. PHOTO: DYSON

The V11 Absolute is the latest cordless vacuum cleaner from British home appliances maker Dyson.

Powered by the company's new V11 digital motor, it is said to have 20 per cent more suction power than its predecessor, the Cyclone V10.

This alone would be good reason to upgrade, but the V11 Absolute has another trick up its sleeve - artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI is powered by three microprocessors - residing in its High Torque cleaner head, V11 digital motor and battery - that monitor performance at up to 8,000 times a second.

The High Torque cleaner head automatically detects the difference in surfaces and changes suction power accordingly for optimal vacuuming.

The AI works only with the High Torque cleaner head and not with the other bundled cleaner heads, such as the soft roller cleaner head, combination tool, mini motorised tool (which is great for cars), mini soft-dusting brush or crevice tool.

But I am not complaining as the High Torque cleaner head is probably the one you would use the most. It is also Dyson's most powerful cord-free cleaner head to date, according to its maker, featuring stiff nylon bristles that drive deep into carpets to remove dirt, as well as carbon fibre filaments that capture dust from hard floors and crevices.

  • FOR

    - Automatically adjusts suction power

    - Suction power is stronger than its predecessor

    - Built-in display shows remaining run-time

    - Convenient to use


    - Still expensive

    - No trigger lock

    - Non-removable battery


    PRICE: $999

    WEIGHT: 3.05kg


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 5/5




    OVERALL: 4.5/5

    ST Tech Editor's Choice

I found the AI to work a treat. When I moved from vacuuming my tiled floor to a carpet mat, it immediately increased its suction power and did a splendid job in removing the lint and dirt on the carpet mat. No more second-guessing which power level to use.

Another important addition is the new display at its rear. There is a button below this circular display. Pressing it once powers up the vacuum cleaner.

Pressing this button toggles through three cleaning modes - Eco, Auto and Boost. The Auto mode is where the built-in AI works, the Eco mode is for when you want to conserve battery life and the Boost mode is for when you need the most powerful suction.

The display also shows the remaining run-time of the vacuum cleaner. Unlike its predecessor's three-light battery indicator, this feature takes the guesswork out of gauging how much cleaning time you have left before charging.

Apart from the display, the V11 Absolute looks similar to its predecessor. When no cleaner head is attached, it looks like a ray-gun from a sci-fi movie.

Its hand grip has a trigger that you press to activate the suction power. On the downside, it does not have a trigger lock, which is also lacking in its predecessor.

Having a trigger lock would make the device easier to use as you would not need to press the trigger with your finger all the time when vacuuming. I found my finger going numb pretty quickly and have to constantly switch fingers.

On a full charge, the V11 Absolute can last up to 60 minutes - probably the best battery life for its genre and roughly the same as that of its predecessor.

However, the battery is not removable. So, if you have a bigger house and need more time to clean, you will have to plan your vacuuming accordingly.

It usually takes me an hour to vacuum my 90 sq m flat using my $3,000-odd corded industrial-grade (and bulky) Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Using the V11 Absolute with the High Torque cleaner head on auto mode, it took me roughly 30 minutes to do the same. It is also far more convenient to move around using the cordless vacuum cleaner.

The biggest difference, though, is my much cleaner floor, with more dirt and hair being collected in the V11 Absolute's bin. Previously with the V10, I had to do a second round of vacuuming to ensure cleanliness. But with the new tool, I can rest after one round.

At $999, the V11 Absolute is expensive. But I think it is well worth its price tag.

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