LG G6 re-focuses on the basics, sports a bezel-less look 

LG's new G6 phone has a screen that stretches nearly edge-to-edge.
LG's new G6 phone has a screen that stretches nearly edge-to-edge.ST PHOTO: LESTER HIO
The new LG G6 comes in a glass and aluminium construction.
The new LG G6 comes in a glass and aluminium construction.ST PHOTO: LESTER HIO

BARCELONA - LG's brief experimental phase with modular phones met a quick end with the 2016 G5. Its latest flagship, the LG G6, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2017, returns to the basics of what makes a premium, top-line phone.

The G6 meets all the basic requirements that flagships across the board have these days -  a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and two rear cameras.

What immediately stands out is the phone's screen, stretched out nearly edge-to-edge to give an almost bezel-less look. LG went with the bold decision to implement a 18:9 screen ratio, rather than the traditional 16:9, so that its 5.7-inch display feels and looks even bigger than it is.

The quad-HD display is bright and colourful from all angles, with every inch of screen estate used to the fullest.

The phone feels very premium, if a bit hefty and chunky in the hand. It is a bit thicker than its competitor's flagships, coming in at 7.9mm thick.

The glass and aluminium construction of the G6 lends it an air of class, and its size and material all help to give an impression of a firm, sturdy and well-built phone.

The two 13-megapixel rear cameras work fantastically, giving clear, sharp shots even in harsh indoor lighting. There are also modes to toggle between a regular lens and a wide-angle lens, which stretches to a 125-degree view for landscape shots.

The G6 also ported over a quad digital-to-analog converter, found in LG's V20 launched last year, which boosts the power of the phone to play high-resolution audio. Audiophiles have already flocked to the V20 as their phone of choice and now they have another one to choose from.

G6 is, however, a step behind V20, because of its non-removable 3,300mAh battery. 

There is no word yet on local pricing and availability, although it will go on sale in its native South Korea on March 9.