Samsung rolls out 'convertible' fridge and washing machine with second access door

The new range of Twin Colling Refrigerators with 5-in-1 conversion modes from Samsung Singapore. ST PHOTO: SHERWIN LOH
The various conversion modes the new range of Twin Colling Refrigerators can be set to. ST PHOTO: SHERWIN LOH
Samsung's AddWash front-loading washing machine with a smaller access door. ST PHOTO: SHERWIN LOH

SINGAPORE - Samsung Singapore is introducing a range of refrigerators that can be transformed into different uses, depending on the changing needs of a household.

In normal operations, the two-door refrigerator has an upper freezer compartment, and a lower chiller compartment. If a family goes on vacation, the freezer can be left on, while the chiller is switched off. For families that do not frequently keep frozen food items, the freezer compartment can be switched off as needed.

Otherwise, the freezer can also be put into the chiller mode, for occasions where the family needs to chill more drinks and food, such as during a house party. And if the fridge is relatively empty, the top compartment can be left in chiller mode while the bottom area is turned off.

This is made possible by a twin cooling system that cools the top and bottom areas separately. This also ensures that food smells from one compartment does not bleed into the other one.

The refrigerators are available from electronics stores from $1,399.

The Korean electronics giant has also introduced a smaller access door to its front-loading washing machine. This allows users to easily add in items they might have initially left out, or to introduce new items during the different washing, spinning and drying cycles of the machine.

The Samsung AddWash watching machine is available from $1,399.

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