Reddit back up after being down for nearly 5 hours

Reddit posted a message on its site at 12.18pm Pacific time that it was offline and was working to identify the issue. PHOTO: REUTERS

SINGAPORE - Access to popular social media platform Reddit was restored after a nearly five-hour outage that, at its peak, saw more than 60,000 users reporting they could not access both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

“Resolved: Alright, things are back in order. We’re peeling a lot better now! Thanks for your patience,” said Reddit’s status page at 8.41pm Tuesday Eastern time Tuesday (8.41am Singapore time on Wednesday).

Reddit did not say what contributed to the outage.

Users first reported that they were seeing an error message when trying to load Reddit on their desktops. Some reported that some tabs on the site were showing content but not the comment threads.

Reddit posted a message on its site at 3.18am Singapore time on Wednesday that it was offline and was working to identify the issue.

Two hours later, it posted a message on its Twitter account, saying that it had identified a fix which may take some time to implement.

Reddit’s Twitter account is making light of the situation though.

“In the meantime ready your bananas (or eat them!),” it said.

“Enjoy the productivity,” it added. “We’ll be up and running again soon.”

At 7.18am Singapore time, Reddit said it had implemented a fix and is slowly allowing things to ramp back up.

“We’re not yet out of the woods. How do you draw a banana? Asking for a friend,” it added.

Last month, Reddit was hit by a phishing attack that saw hackers gain access to internal documents and code, but no user data was compromised.

The exposed data included the “limited” contact information of hundreds of “company contacts” and Reddit employees, as well as some advertiser information, said a Reddit spokesman in a thread posted on the platform’s official subreddit on Feb 10.

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