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Check out the latest technological innovations at Tech Saturday (Upsized!) 2018

tech saturday upsized

Interested in how technology can change our lives for the better? Or curious to check out the latest gadgets and tech taking the world by storm? Then don't miss Tech Saturday (Upsized!) on June 2 and 3.

The fourth edition of the fair will be held from 11am to 7pm in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Halls 404 and 405. It is part of Smart Nation Innovations Week, and is organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to showcase and support Singapore's digital readiness efforts as we move towards becoming a digital economy.

With the overarching theme "Living in the Digital Age", the tech-centred exhibition is free for all and features a whopping seven zones to explore, highlighting the ways in which technology changes how we work, live, learn, play, inspire and invent. There is also a Marketplace for you to browse and shop for your favourite tech toy.

Experience a tech-enabled home

Discover the latest consumer technological innovations and gadgets - all made in Singapore - in the Live Zone. This zone features the latest advancements in consumer technology and how they have the potential to change lives.

One such cool gadget is Pebby by Sybotech, a wifi-enabled robotic ball that allows you to play with your pet from anywhere in the world. It also enables tracking and monitoring of pets. With its in-built camera, owners can capture their pets' best moments for posterity.

Interact with your pet virtually with Pebby by Sybotech. PHOTO: IMDA

If you are feeling stressed, check out Galini, an app developed by Neeuro. Touted as a "measurable relaxation and stress management solution", it allows users to measure, manage and ultimately lower their stress levels via three types of exercises: listening, breathing and moving.

Galini pairs with a brainwave sensor - the SenzeBand - to provide a quantitative measurement of relaxation and focus. This helps users to monitor their mindfulness and relaxation progress over time, empowering them to reach a relaxed state faster and for longer periods.

The Galini app allows users to measure, manage and lower their stress levels. PHOTO: IMDA

Transforming the nine-to-five

See how technology is changing the way we work. The Work Zone is all about how technological advances are making an impact in the workplace.

For instance, come and meet Techi, a Butler Robot from Techmetics Solutions, and see how he is able to help in Hospitality and F&B applications. Techi is even elevator-friendly and can help with room service requests.

Interact with local company Trakomatic's video analytics system and see how this video and sensor technology is helping businesses like mall operators and retailers.

Learn differently

Visit the Learn Zone: see how tech is shaping the way we learn.

Your first stop is IMDA's Lab on Wheels, a pair of buses inside the convention hall.

Don cool headsets to experience the latest immersive technologies at IMDA Lab on Wheels. PHOTO: IMDA

In one bus, you can don cool VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) headsets to experience the latest immersive media technologies. In the other, take an escape room challenge on board the Artificial Intelligence (AI) themed bus to learn more about AI through solving a series of challenges.

Learn important road safety skills powered by virtual reality and get transported to various places on the road to learn more about the dangers of crossing the road at blind spots.

Solve problems to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complete an escape room challenge. PHOTO: IMDA

Let your hair down

In this interactive playground, get your hands on the latest fun gadgets and play your heart out. The Play Zone, features the Digital Maker carnival-style games - all powered by a microcontroller. Some of these exciting games are designed by students from Primary, Secondary & ITE schools.

Pilot drones through an obstacle course, immerse yourself in Lenovo's Star Wars Jedi Challenge AR experience and try your hand at tech games made in Singapore, by Singaporeans - like ITE College Central's "Fruit Catch", a simple reflex game suitable for all ages.

If you've ever wondered what it felt like to be a graffiti artist, then check out the Digital Grafitti Wall. This interactive installation lets you use a 3D-printed spray can that feels and sounds like a real one to digitally spray-paint a wall. Unlike regular graffiti, this activity is fumes-free, can be wiped with the press of a button and completely legal!

Unleash your inner graffitti artist at the Digital Graffitti Wall. PHOTO: IMDA

Be inspired

Who says that Singaporeans aren't innovative? At the Inspire Zone, check out prototypes created by local students and speak to the creators behind them to get inspired by the creativeness and talent of our youth.

For instance, practise your football skills against the AI Goalkeeper, created by students from Temasek Polytechnic. Using AI and machine learning, the robot goalkeeper learns to block free kicks by predicting the ball's trajectory and positioning itself accordingly. The more you practice with it, the better it becomes!

If you fancy yourself a player, see if you can get a ball or two past the AI Goalkeeper, created by students from Temasek Polytechnic. PHOTO: IMDA

Hands-on experience for all

Finally, after being wowed by all the cool technology at the fair, get some hands-on participation at the Invent Zone.

Create a cloud lamp, build a drone, code your own computer game, website or mobile app - these are just some of the things you can do in this zone. With over 50 tech and media workshops, there is sure to be something that interests you regardless of your age or technological expertise.

Unleash your creativity with hands-on activities at the Invent Zone. PHOTO: IMDA

Visit for more details on the event.

See you at Tech Saturday (Upsized!) 2018 on June 2 and 3. Remember, admission is free! Be sure to use the hashtag #techsaturday when posting your photos and memories.

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