Securifi's touch-based wireless routers make local debut

The Securifi Almond+ is both a router and a smart home hub.
The Securifi Almond+ is both a router and a smart home hub.PHOTO: SECURIFI

SINGAPORE - Networking firm Securifi has launched its touch-based wireless routers and smart home accessories in Singapore.

These networking products will be available this month at local IT retailers. Prices range from $111.90 for the entry-level Securifi Almond router to $349.90 for the premium Almond+ model.

Unlike typical routers, Securifi's routers come with touchscreens that let users control networking settings via a tile-based interface that borrrows heavily from Windows 8. Securifi says that 95 per cent of users can set up their routers in three minutes using the touchscreen.

More importantly, the higher-end Almond 2015 and Almond+ routers support home automation standards, such as Z-Wave and Zigbee, which are not usually found on other routers. This allows the Securifi routers to work with third-party smart home gadgets, such as the Philips Hue LED light bulbs.

Securifi will also sell smart home sensors that work with its routers using the Zigbee platform. They include motion sensors that detect movement in the home and door sensors that monitors if a door is opened or closed.

Way back in 2012, Securifi was the first in the world to introduce a router with a touchscreen, but it was never launched in Singapore. Instead, rival TP-Link beat Securifi to that by selling a touchscreen router here last year.