Linksys launches Velop home Wi-Fi System to solve your wireless woes

The Linksys Velop home Wi-Fi System is available at $349 for a single unit, $599 for a pair and $749 for three units.
The Linksys Velop home Wi-Fi System is available at $349 for a single unit, $599 for a pair and $749 for three units. PHOTO: LINKSYS

SINGAPORE - Linksys has launched its Velop home mesh Wi-Fi system. Consisting of multiple Wi-Fi nodes that work together like a mesh to blanket your home in Wi-Fi, these networking systems promise to rid your home of Wi-Fi blind spots and improve coverage.

Each Velop unit, which looks like a small white tower with six hidden antennas, can be used individually like a standard router, or paired with other Velop units.

For a multiple-node configuration, one Velop node is connected to your broadband modem while the remaining nodes are spread around your home to maximise Wi-Fi coverage. They connect to each other over wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The Velop has three Wi-Fi radios using the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. Its software automatically charts the best route through the nodes between a client device and your broadband modem. It also selects the most appropriate wireless radio for each client device to ensure the best performance.

With the Velop, users will also see a single network ID (SSID) for their home Wi-Fi. This is unlike using a router and a range extender to improve Wi-Fi coverage, which often creates multiple SSIDs.

A mobile app (available for Android and iOS) from Linksys is used to set up the Velop. The app is used to manage the Velop, such as setting up parental controls.

Linksys is not the first networking firm to release a Wi-Fi system. Netgear introduced its Orbi Wi-Fi system ($649 for a standard kit) in November last year while Singtel also has a similar Wi-Fi Mesh bundle available to subscribers to buy.

The Velop is sold as a single unit ($349), a two-pack bundle ($599) and a three-pack bundle ($749).

It will be available exclusively from April 12 at the website and all Challenger outlets from April 13. Singtel fibre broadband customers can purchase a three-pack bundle at $30 per month over a 24-month contract from April 22. The Velop will be widely available from May 12 at authorised resellers.