Asus ROG GT51CA: 4K gaming PC for $7,498

The $7,498 Asus ROG GT51CA gaming PC (pictured with the 34-inch ultrawide monitor). PHOTO: ASUS

SINGAPORE - Fancy playing PC games at 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) resolution? PC maker Asus has launched a desktop PC that will run the latest games smoothly with all the eye candy. That is, if you have $7,498 to spare.

With its pulsating LEDs and brash design, the Asus ROG GT51CA is your typical gaming PC. Accentuating its futuristic design is the glowing circle at the front that looks similar to the arc reactor that powers the Iron Man suit from the Marvel comics series.

At the heart of this gaming computer are two Nvidia GeForce Titan X graphics cards. The Titan X is currently Nvidia's top graphics card and costs around $1,800 each.

The GT51CA also has an Intel Core i7 processor , 64GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive. The processor can be overclocked to run at a higher speed by pressing a button at the front of the desktop tower.

Users can also enable the overclocking process by tapping the ROG Band wearable, included with the computer, to the NFC logo at the front. In addition, the ROG Band can be configured to unlock a hidden partition on the computer's hard drive. Since this hidden drive cannot be accessed without the ROG Band, it is useful for storing sensitive or personal data.

Asus also offers two lower-end variants priced at $3,498 (with a GeForce GTX 980) and $4,298 (with two GeForce GTX 980). All three versions will be available in June, though you can pre-order them from tomorrow onwards. Those who pre-order the $7,498 model will receive a free 27-inch 4K monitor worth $1,459.

Excited about the performance of this powerful gaming PC? Check out our review in The Straits Times tomorrow.

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