Asus launches a $6K liquid-cooled gaming laptop

The Asus GX700. PHOTO: ASUS

SINGAPORE - PC maker Asus has launched a gaming laptop with an external liquid-cooling module.

Hailed by the Taiwanese firm as the world's first liquid-cooled notebook, the Asus GX700 gets a performance boost when it is attached to the cooling module.

Although the laptop will work without this module, it will not be as fast.

This 17-inch laptop uses desktop-class components, including an Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, that are more powerful than the mobile variants.

In other words, the GX700 can go toe-to-toe with a top gaming desktop PCs in gaming performance.

Another of its high-end gaming features is the Nvidia G-Sync technology that eliminates lag and screen tearing in games.

However, the GX700 and its cooling module are so bulky (weighing 8.4kg) that Asus packs them in a suitcase instead of the usual laptop bag.

The Asus GX700 will be available at $6,198 from Asus brand stores and authorised retailers.

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