Acronis True Image Cloud adds mobile backup

Acronis' latest software adds a feature to back up data on your mobile devices. PHOTO: ACRONIS
Acronis' latest software adds a feature to back up data on your mobile devices. PHOTO: ACRONIS

Backing up the data via the cloud on your mobile devices is now possible with Acronis' latest software.

Unlike the previous version, which only supported computers (PC and Mac), Acronis True Image Cloud adds a feature to back up data on your mobile devices (Android and iOS).

"People are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for personal and business use. They contain irreplaceable data such as photos, videos and documents," explained Acronis spokesperson Katya Turtseva.

To simplify the backup process, the software has an online dashboard that allows users to monitor the backups of all devices from one location, including those belonging to family members, said Acronis software engineer Alan Miller.

Backups can also be triggered remotely.

Making a return to this year's version is the Try and Decide feature. This previously-removed feature lets users try new drivers or software updates without affecting their computers. If they encounter issues with newly-installed software, they can quickly revert to the previous working state using this feature.

Other new features include the ability to migrate data from different mobile platforms, such as from iOS to Android and vice versa. The software also automatically analyse your device, and will suggest that files that are not often in use be uploaded to Acronis' cloud storage, freeing up local disk space.

Acronis True Image is also optimised for the latest Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan.

Acronis has also streamlined its software from four different editions to just two.

Consumers can pick between Acronis True Image Cloud, which offers both local and cloud backup for computers and mobile devices, and Acronis True Image 2016, which is limited to the PC and Mac.

Acronis True Image Cloud requires an annual subscription fee. Plans start at $139.99 per year for a single computer and up to three mobile devices. It costs $214.99 for three computers and 10 mobile devices, and $269.99 per year for five computers and 15 mobile devices.

If you do not need the mobile and cloud backup options, Acronis True Image 2016 is available as a single-use license (without a subscription) at $69.99 for one computer, $109.99 for three computers, and $139.99 for five computers.

Existing users of Acronis True Image Unlimited (2015) will receive a free update to Acronis True Image Cloud.