New videoconferencing platform lets businesses hold immersive meetings, project tours

Certis' chief digital officer Fuji Foo showcases the company's Jewel Changi Airport kerbside patrol solutions through the videoconferencing platform.
Certis' chief digital officer Fuji Foo showcases the company's Jewel Changi Airport kerbside patrol solutions through the videoconferencing platform.PHOTO: CERTIS

SINGAPORE - A new interactive streaming and videoconferencing platform that allows businesses to virtually hold meetings, and organise office tours and even site reconnaissance for projects was launched on Tuesday (Oct 19).

The highly customisable Certis Experience solution lets businesses organise immersive, 360-degree meetings. Speakers who are in different locations can also appear as if they are presenting from the same place.

"It brings content to life with real-time demonstration of how (the content) would be implemented within customers' environments," said security services provider Certis, the developer of the platform.

It is available to businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong for a start, with other markets such as Australia in the pipeline.

Businesses can use the platform internally as well as to engage external stakeholders such as their customers, through activities such as townhall meetings and office and project tours.

It has been difficult to coordinate these activities among international stakeholders, even before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, said Certis, which is itself using the platform to keep its clients abreast of its latest solutions.

Mr Fuji Foo, Certis' chief digital officer, said the Certis Experience is fully customisable to meet each organisation's needs.

For example, a tech firm can use the platform to show how its artificial intelligence and robotics solutions can be applied at specific locations.

"Our team will work very closely with our customers in terms of the whole experience journey that we are trying to build," said Mr Foo.

Businesses can access digital assets such as videos and images for their meetings from Certis' libraries or create them from scratch in collaboration with Certis or their own designers.

The cost of using the platform depends on the complexity of such assets, with those built from scratch ranging from less than $10,000 to about $50,000.

The company used the Certis Experience platform on Tuesday to showcase its solutions in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore and the CDW Building in Hong Kong.

These include robots which can monitor kerbside activity at passenger drop-off points and real-time systems which can push data to security officers' mobile devices.

Mr Foo added that the Certis Experience has been integrated with existing videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco's Webex.

He said: "This allows us to support all forms of communication.

"The content on our platform will add to the richness of the conversation. It's no longer a flat, 2D chat that we're having online."