New products: Adidas X15 boots, Line App Character USB Flash Drives and more

Adidas X15 football boots.
Adidas X15 football boots.PHOTO: ADIDAS



Lots LTB-2000 Up-beat

From the land of kimchi, the new Lots audio brand brings you the LTB-2000 Up-beat earphones that allow you to enjoy your music wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

With a working range of 10m from connected music devices and up to five hours of continuous music playback, you no longer need to worry about cable tangles.

A three-button remote controls volume and music playback. The package comes with interchangeable earbuds of varying sizes and a semi-hard case for protection.

The earphones are available in red, white and black.



Adidas X15
$299, available from July 1

These latest football boots from Adidas do not have the German sports giant's iconic three stripes. From the side, the X15 looks like the footwear of an alien.

This is Adidas' first football boot with an ankle collar, which provides compression support for your ankle with proprietary TechFit technology. The upper uses Adidas' triple-layered X-Skin for comfort, protection and performance. Its X-Claw base sports a stud pattern that offers better traction and a lightweight feel.



Sony Smart B-Trainer
$399, available tomorrow

 Designed for the modern runner, Sony's Smart B-Trainer is an all-in-one training device that combines music playback and heart-rate monitoring. It consists of Sony's SSE-BTR1 headphone-integrated device packed with six types of sensors - heart rate, acceleration, GPS, compass, gyro and barometer - to measure heart rate, calories burnt, speed and other fitness statistics.

You set a user profile and heart-rate goal, and the device will automatically select music to get you to the right heart-rate zone. Uptempo music will play when you need to work your heart harder.

The B-Trainer comes in the form of a non-slip neckband. Its built-in 16GB memory can store up to 3,900 songs.

It is available in yellow, white, blue, pink and black.



Tefal Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner TW8356
$699, available from June 20

The "multi-cyclonic" label leads you to think that this machine is going to be very noisy, but it can work rather quietly.

It works by churning up air inside a chamber to create a strong suction to suck up particles and dirt, and expels them into a dust container.

Tefal says its latest Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner TW8356 is the quietest of its kind in the market. It operates at 68 decibels, which is close to average street noise.

It comes with a Maxi Turbo Brush for more efficient removal of pet hair and dust from carpets, as well as a Delta Parquet Nozzle for cleaning hard floors.



Line App Character USB Flash Drive
$52, available at Line pop-up store in 313@somerset

So, you love the Brown, Cony and Sally characters from the Line app? Now they come in the form of USB flash drives that look like dolls.

Just take off the head to reveal a USB flash drive for storing pictures, documents and other important digital material.

Available only in 16GB at the Line pop-up store in 313@somerset, they are sure to turn heads.

Other Line merchandise, including mousepads ($6 each) and ez-link cards ($10 apiece) are available at the pop-up store, which is open till July 5.



Logitech Wireless Mouse M238

If you need a funky no-frills mouse, take a look at the affordable Logitech Wireless Mouse M238.

The mouse has a working range of 10m and features bright animal motifs and patterns.

Its smart sleep mode and an on/off switch help to save power, while an indicator light alerts you when its AA battery needs changing. Not that you need to change it often. Logitech says it has a battery life of one year.

By Trevor Tan