Get latest news on the move with The Straits Times and AsiaOne Apple Watch apps

SINGAPORE - The Straits Times and AsiaOne readers can now catch up on the latest news while on the move with the Apple Watch app.

Specially created to provide readers, especially busy professionals on-the-go, the apps provide quick and easy access to news complete with push notifications.

Both Watch apps are an extension of their iPhone apps, and will provide the news at a glance with stories crafted specially for small screens.

Readers can continue reading the stories on their iPhones by using the Handoff feature.

Mr Julian Tan, Head of SPH Digital, said: "SPH Digital constantly strives to be at the forefront of innovation and I'm delighted that we are breaking new ground once again with the AsiaOne and The Straits Times apps on the Apple Watch... The apps were developed by the AsiaOne and The Straits Times mobile teams working closely together with SPH Digital's technical team."

The Straits Times' breaking new alerts, which reach over 300,000 devices, will also extend to Apple Watch. ST Watch app will be free for all users from mid-July.

The current version of the AsiaOne app, which is free on the AppStore, is already compatible with the Apple Watch.