Watch out pocket monsters: US cybersecurity firm tasked to exterminate Pokemon

A warning sticker banning Pokemon Go at a bank in Germany.
A warning sticker banning Pokemon Go at a bank in Germany.PHOTO: EPA

You probably have heard of pest exterminators but how about Pokemon exterminators?

After numerous reports of Pokemon Go players putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations by trespassing on private property to "catch 'em all", power utility companies in Florida have hired cybersecurity firm LookingGlass to pull Pokemon off the map, reports CNN.

"We are now in the business of killing Pokemon," LookingGlass CEO Chris Coleman told CNNMoney on Thursday (Aug 4).


So far, eight companies have contacted LookingGlass to elimate the virtual creatures off their property. This is done through a team of computers coders who sends suggestions to Niantic Labs, the makers of Pokemon Go.

The location-based augmented reality game has been a global phenomenon since its release in selected countries in July. Authorities have warned players to be vigilant while playing the game and even issued warnings urging people to avoid trespassing on property that belongs to businesses. Up to now, no one has quite figured out how to rid their property of Pokemon.

Mr Coleman said his cybersecurity company is in a unique position to help eliminate Pokemon, because he is friends with a member of Niantic's board of directors, Gilman Louie.

In Singapore, fans are still eagerly awaiting the release of the game. On July 20, rumours of a Singaporean server cropping up sent gamers here into a frenzy. Currently the game is only available in two Asian regions: Japan and Hong Kong.

The Singapore government has also said that it would monitor the game's impact on society and potentially introduce guidelines in a bid to prevent criminal trespass as well as accidents.