Tech review: Logitech G915 quite simply the best wireless mechanical gaming keyboard

The Logitech G915 keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth or its USB receiver, uses Logitech's Lightspeed wireless protocol. PHOTO: LOGITECH

Logitech's new flagship mechanical gaming keyboard, the G915, represents a complete design overhaul from its predecessor, the G910 Orion Spectrum.

This wireless keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth or its USB receiver, uses Logitech's Lightspeed wireless protocol.

Unlike the big clunky gaming keyboards out there, it is sleek and has a low profile similar to Apple's Magic Keyboard.

Design-wise, it is a winner. Its aluminium-alloy chassis with a brushed metallic finish looks just gorgeous. Plus, the weird-shaped keycaps of its predecessor are gone. Instead, the G915 uses flat and ultra-thin keycaps that are much easier to type on.

Its keyboard layout is pretty conventional, so you should be able to type and game with ease right away. It has dedicated buttons, such as the five programmable G-Keys on the keyboard's left, to aid gaming and daily work. On its upper right corner are multimedia buttons and a roller volume dial.

Above the F1 to F4 keys are three macro buttons and a macro-record key. Four buttons for activating Lightspeed, Bluetooth, Game Mode and backlit brightness sit above the F5 to F8 keys.

Two retractable feet let you to prop the keyboard at two angles - 4 and 8 degrees. I prefer the 8-degree tilt, which feels just right for typing.

This must be the thinnest mechanical gaming keyboard I have reviewed. While it has around the same footprint as most full-fledged keyboards, its chassis is only 8mm thick.

This is thanks to the new low-profile GL switches that Logitech developed with Kailh. The switches come in three versions - clicky (version tested), tactile and linear - and offer 2.7mm of key travel with an actuation force of 50g. For the review set, every press feels really satisfying as the keys are really quick in registering key presses.

I also love the loud audible click and sheer tactile feedback of the clicky GL switches. It is such a joy to type on this keyboard.

During gaming, it is much quicker compared to most of the keyboards I have used in moving characters and executing commands and macros.

However, unlike its competitors such as the Blackwidow Elite, not all the keys are customisable. This might irk some but I have always felt it an overkill for each key to be customisable.

In terms of battery life, the G915 is rated at 30 hours with full RGB backlight turned on.

After using it for a week, in which I averaged two hours of use daily with static colour lighting enabled, there was still 70 per cent battery life left. Not bad, and you can always charge the keyboard using a micro-USB cable.

While it comes with a hefty price tag of $399, the Logitech G915 is quite simply the best wireless mechanical gaming keyboard now. If you have the cash to splash, you have to get one.


- Gorgeously thin design

- Super responsive GL switches

- Fantastic tactile feedback

- Long battery life


- Expensive

- Not all keys are customisable


PRICE: $399

SWITCHES: GL Clicky (version tested), GL Linear, GL Tactile

CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, Lightspeed Wireless

WEIGHT: 1,025g (without cable)








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