Local award-winning video game Masquerada launches on Steam

Witching Hour Studios
The team at Witching Hour Studios including co-founders Ian Gregory Tan (centre, with cap) and Brian Kwek (to his left).
The team at Witching Hour Studios including co-founders Ian Gregory Tan (centre, with cap) and Brian Kwek (to his left).PHOTO: WITCHING HOUR STUDIOS
Screenshot of Masquerada: Songs And Shadows.
Screenshot of Masquerada: Songs And Shadows.PHOTO: WITCHING HOUR STUDIOS

SINGAPORE - Award-winning Singapore-based indie game Masquerada: Songs And Shadows was released on Friday (Sept 30) after two years in development.

Co-founder and creative director Ian Gregory Tan told The Straits Times the team faced a technical issue during the launch, and worked till 6am on Saturday to resolve it. Exhausted, they opened a bottle of Moscato to celebrate.

The response on social media has been very positive, said Mr Tan, who said the successful launch was a weight off his back.

"We are very proud to put Singapore on the map this way," he said.

A Playstation 4 version is in the works and is set to be released in early 2017. Tan said they are also working on a New Game Plus with additional features for avid players.

Game creators Witching Hour Studios raised £60,162 (S$106,440) on crowdfunding website Kickstarter in less than a month back in April and May.

Among the backers was Internet service provider MyRepublic, which pledged £2,500.

The Kickstarter campaign, Witching Hour's first, funded only a portion of the project, which had a budget of more than $1 million.

Five months on,the tactical action role-playing game launched on online video game platform Steam at 9am Pacific Time on Friday (midnight, Singapore time).


The game was awarded Best Indie Game at last year's Tokyo Game Show by established Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation.

It was also featured in news and gaming sites online, like Forbes, Gamespot and Polygon, even before it was launched.

Set in a Venetian city that is embroiled in a civil war, it features impressive animation and famous voice actors from the television and video game industry.

The gameplay is primarily spell-based, with a pause mechanic akin to that used in games such as Baldur's Gate, where players can pause the game to queue their next move.

The game is available on the Steam store, gog.com and Humble store for US$24.99 (S$34).