Hermes' Apple Watch bands available separately on April 19

Hermes' Apple Watch leather bands go on sale from April 19.
Hermes' Apple Watch leather bands go on sale from April 19.PHOTO: APPLE

SINGAPORE - Previously, if you wanted the Hermes Double Tour band to go with your Apple Watch, you needed to fork out cash for the entire Apple Watch Hermes (starts from $1,928 for Double Tour version). Not any more.

From April 19, you can buy Hermes' Apple Watch handmade leather bands separately for use with your Apple Watch.

These Hermes' Apple Watch bands come in the form of Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff. The Single Tour band uses Hermes' classic design with a buckle similar to that of a horse's girth, a callback to Hermes' equestrian heritage.

The Double Tour band is similar to the Single Tour, but has a much longer band that straps around the wrist twice for that extra elegant look. The Cuff band is a chunkier and more manly version of the Single Tour band.

The Apple Watch Hermes Single Tour bands ($520) will be available in both 38mm and 42mm and come in the current variants of fauve barenia (brown), noir (black), capucine (red) and etain (grey). There are also new Hermes colours of bleu paon (green), bleu saphir (blue), blanc (white) and the iconic Hermes colour, feu (orange) to choose from.

The Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour band ($760) is still going to be available in 38mm size only. But it has a full range of colours as the Single Tour band.

For the Cuff band, it is available only in fauve barenia 42mm version. It is also the most expensive band at $1,060.