Final Fantasy XV team finally unveils game info

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Reuters) - It's one of the most popular gaming series of all time.

With fans waiting years to hear even just the smallest details about a new game.

Now, finally, Final Fantasy XV is confirmed to be on the way.

The Japanese gaming firm Square Enix confirmed the news at a special event in LA attended by thousands of fans.

The game has captivated audiences for three decades with its own legends, magic and crystals.

But this game makes a departure from the franchise by featuring modern day cars, clothing and mobile phones.

"So trying to create this true modern triple-A game we decided to go full out western approach, a global approach, not a Japanese one," said game director Hajime Tabata. "And so for languages instead of going for six, we are now going to 20, releasing in various different regions to support that budget that we received for this, to get a return on investment for the budget that we have had for this."

Final Fantasy XV follows a prince and his three loyals followers who go on a road trip before his imprending marriage.

The game itself is rumoured to have been in production for 9 years.

Mr Tabata added, "If you look at western game industries, North America, Europe, HD gaming is definitely the major market and going forward for a global market I think that is not going to change and I am hoping that in Japan we see this movement that HD gaming comes back in a sense or starts following western development."'

Although it's taken years for the latest game in the series to emerge, patient fans seemed delighted with the news.

​"First thing that's going through my head in general is it's about damn time," said Final Fantasy fan Paul Buford III. "I remember this game being announced back when I was in high school so to be all the way out of college seven or eight years later and to see it in all its fruition, it finally feels worth it."

Another fan, Nikki Mackert, said, "Oh it was amazing. There was so much I wasn't expecting. I was constantly taken aback. It was awesome."

There were more surprises at the event - with Florence and The Machine singing the game's theme tune.

And a CGI feature film featuring the voices of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Game Of Thrones stars Sean Bean and Lena Headey was also confirmed

Fans will be able to live out the magic of Final Fantasy XV when it's released on Sept 3.