Campaign for a Better Internet launched, with focus on cyberbullying, fake news

The Media Literacy Council launched its Better Internet Campaign on Feb 7, 2017.
The Media Literacy Council launched its Better Internet Campaign on Feb 7, 2017.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM WWW.BETTERINTERNET.SG

SINGAPORE - Stepping up against cyberbullying, sifting through fake news on social media and reducing excessive screen time - these are the goals of this year's Better Internet Campaign, which aims to promote responsible online habits and safe Internet use. 

Spearheaded by the Media Literacy Council (MLC), the four-month campaign started on Tuesday (Feb 7), which is also Safer Internet Day worldwide. 

The campaign consists of outreach and awareness programmes aimed at youths and young adults aged 15 to 35, as they are active users of the Internet. 

MLC chairman Lock Wai Han said it was critical to encourage youths here to be positive online, as mobile devices and the Internet have become an integral part of everyday life.

One of the cyberwellness priorities for this year's campaign is the discernment of fake news, a term popularised after the United States elections in 2016. 

"With the proliferation of news sources online, we need to be discerning to distinguish between falsehood and the truth, to avoid falling prey to scams and fake news," said Mr Lock.

Personal stories and experiences of cyberbullying, told from both the perspective of bully and victim, will be posted on the campaign website at

A series of outreach events in secondary schools and tertiary institutions have also been planned to raise awareness of cyberwellness issues.