Ai-Da the robot paints a picture of the future

Wearing a white blouse and her dark hair hanging loose, Ai-Da looks like any artist at work as she studies her subject and puts pencil to paper. But the beeping from her bionic arm gives her away - Ai-Da is a robot.

OXFORD, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (REUTERS) - Meet Ai-Da, the robot artist. 

You might find her a little creepy, but she's also very talented.

She's opening her first solo exhibition in Oxford next week.

Said Ai-Da's inventor and gallery owner Aidan Meller: "I stood in front of her and she drew me by looking at me, and you can see the scrutiny; that is taking a picture into the computer vision that then gets translated to coordinates so that she can then draw with her hand."

Named after British mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace, she has the ability to draw from sight thanks to cameras in her eyeballs and algorithms created by scientists at the University of Oxford.

"It's a really exciting process; never been done before in the way that we've done it and produces not just drawing then painting as well."

"The algorithms we're running are truly creative. We don't know exactly how the drawings are going to turn out."


She does sculptures, too, and some of her art has already been snapped up.

"New technologies bring the potential for good and evil. It is a great responsibility to try to curb excesses of negative use, something that we all must consider."