6 ways the new Mirror Gold Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can provide new experiences in different phases of life

Why this latest smartphone is the most innovative device for your content and productivity needs

Get ready for a brand new mobile phone experience with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, now in Mirror Gold. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

There's no denying that the smartphone is an essential part of our lives, and in times of a global pandemic, our dependence on it is higher than ever. It helps us connect with people and do everything from checking e-mails to watching videos and paying bills. But there may come a time when you wonder if your current smartphone is starting to limit the ways you utilise it, especially when it comes to consuming and creating content.

It is time to revolutionise your smartphone experience with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. With a clamshell design, the smartphone can be folded into half its size when not in use, bringing to mind the nostalgic appeal of mobile phones from yesteryear. It also now comes in an impressive Mirror Gold colour way that will surely turn heads.

Just like finally escaping the monotony of being stuck at home, the Galaxy Z Flip can help you escape the monotony of the same old smartphone technology. Ready to explore its exciting features for a more fulfilling user experience? Here are six reasons why this new gadget is a worthy lifestyle investment.

1. Perfect for creative selfies

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Say hello to picture-perfect posts for the gram with the Galaxy Z Flip. Taking the perfect selfie is an art but the smartphone makes it easy for anyone to achieve. Thanks to its flexible full screen and folding technology, the Galaxy Z Flip can partially fold its upper half and stand on its own. Setting it up this way means you can capture your best side easily without having to use a tripod, giving you access to some unique angles you wouldn't normally be able to get.

2. Multitask with double screens on one device

Optimise your productivity. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Why stick with one app when you can run two? Boost your productivity with Multi Active Window that enables you to use two apps on the Galaxy Z Flip's 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen. This means that you can be watching the latest trending YouTube videos (yes, it is YouTube optimised) on one, and chatting with friends on the other. No more excuses for leaving your friends on "seen".

3. Share more, care more

Always have enough juice when it matters. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Running out of power on your Galaxy Buds+ when you're about to embark on your commute can be the most frustrating thing. But thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip's Wireless PowerShare feature which utilises Qi wireless charging technology, you can charge them up while on the go. You can even charge your Galaxy Watch or a friend's phone that is out of power. Don't worry about draining your phone's battery as there is plenty of power to go around, thanks to its dual battery. Chances are you'll never run out of juice again when you need it.

4. Enjoy a movie on the go

Enjoy mobile entertainment like never before. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

With the Galaxy Z Flip's HDR10+ cinema-grade display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, you can experience immersive entertainment anytime, anywhere. Witness unreal sharpness and clarity with the 425 ppi (pixels per inch) screen, and hear high quality audio through your headphones thanks to Dolby Atmos technology. Feel what it's like to hold a portable cinema in your hand, whether you're catching the most popular shows on Netflix, tear-jerking K-dramas or the latest viral social media videos.

5. Capture a nostalgic appeal

Glam it up with some gold. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Few things sound better than the satisfying "clack" of a clamshell phone closing, and luckily for us, we can experience what it feels like all over again in a modern package. Taking a page out of the iconic flip phones of the 2000s, the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z will let you own a part of that history. With a new Mirror Gold finish, the smartphone couples innovative technology and a tinge of glamour, keeping it fresh and classy.

6. TikTok your way

Elevate your social media game. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Exercising the power of social media content creation is easier than ever, thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip's multiple folding angles. Tilt the screen the right ways to get impressive overhead views or hard-to-reach low angle shots with its 12-megapixel dual rear cameras, or 10-megapixel front facing camera. Did we mention the 4K UHD recording quality and ultra-wide-angle capability with a 123-degree field of view? You'll level up your TikTok content instantly.

The Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Gold is available at $1,998 on the Samsung Online Store, Singtel Online Shop, M1 Online Shop, major consumer electronics and IT retailers' online shops, and KrisShop Online. It will also be available in stores after circuit breaker measures are lifted.

Customers will receive a pair of Galaxy Buds+ worth $268 for every Galaxy Z Flip purchased on the Samsung Online Store or major consumer electronics and IT retailers' online shops, while stocks last. Offer ends June 7, 2020.

All Galaxy Z Flip devices come with Galaxy Z Premier Service that provides customers with the most premium product experience possible.

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