5 reasons why the LG Signature OLED TV W is a game-changer

LG has long been a household name for cutting-edge televisions, consistently winning both critics and consumers with its extensive range.

The brand’s new Signature OLED TV W takes the TV-watching experience one step further. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, this TV swept up an astounding 45 awards, all for a few simple reasons: its stunning design, innovative technology and superior performance.

Anyone looking for a truly game-changing television experience should look no further than the LG Signature OLED TV W. Designed to bring you a purely cinematic experience; it enhances everything good about TV, while stripping away everything that is not.

Here are a few reasons why you need the LG Signature OLED TV W series in your life.

1. Stunning design

It is genuinely difficult not to be amazed by the look and feel of a LG Signature OLED TV W.

Its “Picture-on-Wall” design is aptly named; the screen is the world’s slimmest panel at 2.57mm thin (two $1 coins stacked together) and fits perfectly onto any wall with no gap, much like a photograph or poster.


The design removes any part of the television that would ruin your cinematic experience. Gone are the clunky thickness of television screens and unsightly wide plastic frames. And all your messy cable woes are resolved with its universal strip cable — an all-in-one cable connection.

Every bit an art piece, the LG Signature OLED TV W is elegant and sleek, complementing the aesthetics of any room with its simplicity and class. Turn it on, and it becomes a window to a whole other universe.

2. Gorgeous colours

LG OLED TV W is perfect for cinephiles
LG Signature OLED TV W is perfect for cinephiles. PHOTO: LG

If you are a cinephile, you probably feel rather let down by conventional LED/LCD TVs, which can compromise your favourite filmmaker’s artistic vision by delivering the picture in unnatural, over-vivid colours.

Cue the LG Signature OLED TV W’s Perfect Colour technology. This allows for a much wider colour range than conventional LED/LCD TVs, as well as the division of colours into a much broader spectrum of a billion colours — 64 times more than a conventional TV.

The result? Natural colours that draw you right into the world depicted on screen.

Another common issue is darkness, which conventional LED/LCD TVs fail to reproduce due to the backlight.

Fortunately, the LG Signature OLED TV W fixes that — it enhances the visual contrast of the image on screen with its Perfect Black technology. Using self-lighting pixels that independently control the television lighting, light leakage is eliminated.

Independent pixels can also shut on and off to deliver true black that is 200 times deeper than the “black” of LED/LCD TVs. This means no details are lost, even in the darkest of scenes.

These features result in a vivid, impressive display with richness and clarity, no matter what appears on your screen.

Experience television the way it was intended — in realistic colours and lifelike depth.

3. Active HDR

High Dynamic Range imaging (or HDR for short) is a technology that enables a higher range of colours and contrast, creating a sense of real depth.

LG’s Active HDR one-ups this technology.
Its premium HDR is mastered by Dolby Vision, which is cinema-standard technology, and brings intense colours and contrast to your screen.

In a single two-hour movie, it processes up to 170,000 dynamic metadata, optimising the brightness and contrast of each and every scene, making every show that much more captivating and immersive. In contrast, generic HDR 10 only supports one visual adjustment throughout that same movie.


Apart from Dolby Vision, LG’s 2017 OLED TV also supports three other HDR formats: the standard HDR 10, Hybrid Gamma Log (HLG) and HDR effect (which “upgrades” Standard Dynamic Range content into HDR-like content).

4. Impressive sound

When was the last time you were floored by your TV’s in-built speakers? Probably never, right?

LG Signature OLED TV W subverts consumer expectations with its in-box 4.2ch Dolby Atmos sound system.


This impressive sound bar delivers object based sounds, which means that up to 128 different sound objects can be detected and supported in any one scene to create a sense of depth and space.
Its speakers also fire sound upwards to deliver overhead audio that is grand and expansive, turning your living room into a mini-cinema complete with full 360-degree surround sound.

5. Smart interface

These days, we have a wide range of video options to choose from, with streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. All LG OLED TVs house the webOS 3.5, which allows you to navigate through your entertainment options with ease.

The operating system has been refined to provide quick access to anything you need. A Magic Link brings up a bar displaying all your preferred streaming services and television channels at a glance.

With its Magic Remote, you can scroll, point and click to change the channel or search for your favourite shows. A Hot Key on the remote brings you straight to a range of Netflix shows, which are available in glorious 4K HDR formats for breathtaking visuals. For serious entertainment nerds, the Magic Zoom feature allows you to zoom in on your shows so you don’t miss a beat, and supports recording functions even on zoomed-in portions.

Whether you want to check out the details of Kendall Jenner’s outfit or investigate a wacky Game of Thrones fan theory, it has never been easier to do a deep-dive into your favourite form of entertainment.

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