3 ways NETS Merchant Solutions can meet your business needs

Singapore's leading payment solutions provider NETS offers merchants the solutions to help businesses improve productivity and cost efficiency, build customer loyalty and expand into new revenue channels online.

NETS’ Merchant solutions address the top concerns of business merchants in Singapore such as providing an affordable all-in-one solution to curb rising operational costs.
NETS’ Merchant solutions address the top concerns of business merchants in Singapore such as providing an affordable all-in-one solution to curb rising operational costs.PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO

Whether you are a burgeoning blog shop owner or an established brick-and-mortar retail outlet, going forward with e-commerce, improving operational efficiency and building customer loyalty are three common business needs today. 

NETS offers a comprehensive suite of merchant solutions to solve these business challenges without a high price tag. Here’s how:

1. Increase productivity with no extra cost using the all-in-one NETS Unified POS

Merchants operating brick-and-mortar stores face rising rental costs, manpower crunch, as well as increasing competition from e-commerce. When resources are scarce, every bit of savings counts.

A NETS Unified POS accepts contact and contactless payments by NETS, NETS FlashPay, VISA/MasterCard/AMEX/UnionPay/JCB credit and debit cards, as well as NFC-enabled mobile wallets.

One way to cut transactional costs is through the cost-efficient payment solution called NETS Unified POS terminal.

The single device accepts all contact and contactless payment methods, including NETS, NETS FlashPay, credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallet payments. The terminal can also enable loyalty programmes and prepaid services. 

With the advent of contactless and mobile payments, the NETS Unified POS system is a must-have upgrade to offer more payment choices at a lower cost, with various payment modes handled by one terminal.

The all-in-one terminal will also cut down cashiers' training time and reduce errors where the wrong card is used on the wrong terminal.

Another big plus is that the all-in-one terminal frees up valuable counter space. 

Apart from the usual wired terminals, NETS Unified POS also comes with wireless terminals to further help save counter-space.

If your business is in the F&B or hospitality sector, customer service is greatly enhanced, as customers can pay from their table without queuing for payment.

2. Help bring businesses online by using eNETS and NETS eCommerce


E-commerce is a great way to cut rental costs, and even businesses with a physical presence are exploring online options as consumers increasingly take their shopping online.

An e-commerce store today loses out if it relies on backdated payment methods involving manual tracking of payments made by bank transfers or cash. Not only does it risk unnecessary disputes, it also introduces errors in tracking and risks in payment security.

To become an online retailer that consumers can trust, merchants can look at eNETS and NETS eCommerce to provide safe and convenient payment channels.

If you're clueless about e-commerce, consider seeking help from NETS eCommerce, which provides an end-to-end solution - from the setup of your web store with a pre-integrated secured payment option, to allowing merchants access to an admin portal to review their transaction records.

What's more, you can start building your online consumer database with the system, which can help you manage and plan future marketing opportunities. All these come at an affordable price tag starting from just $72 a month and an affordable one-time set-up fee.

If you already have a functioning online webstore and simply need a reliable payment solution, consider using the eNETS solution in the site to accept payments made using direct debit, credit card or both.

Additionally, if you are using the NETS terminal or NETS Unified POS to accept payments, you can access daily business transactions anytime and anywhere with MerchantConnect online portal or mConnect app.

3. Retain customers with loyalty programmes without a third-party solution


Offering your customers loyalty rewards is a great way to build customer relationships and ensure repeat customers.

With a NETS terminal or Unified POS, you will be able to enable customisable reward and prepaid programmes into your terminal immediately. The rewards programmes will be readable on your customers’ FlashPay-enabled cards - including credit and debit cards that have the NETS FlashPay logo - and NETS Cards.

The loyalty programme is a hassle-free management system, as issuance and redemption of rebates are done on the NETS terminal itself. This means a low-cost setup where you do not need to invest in additional hardware, software, plastic cards and paper coupons to implement a reward programme.

NETS allows the businesses to easily manage discounts, redemptions and rebates, as well as the programmes’ expiry rules and eliminate the need for printing and handling of paper coupons. 

Without a significant increase in your budget and asking too much of your customers, NETS’ Merchant solutions address the top concerns of business merchants in Singapore such as providing an affordable all-in-one solution to curb rising operational costs, ensuring payment safety and enabling customer-loyalty programmes without engaging third-party solutions. 

Interested in finding out more? Click here to find out how NETS’ suite of payment solutions, at its best value, can improve operational efficiency, reduce business costs, take your business online and build customer loyalty.