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Tchoukball? History-making Singapore women’s team propels unknown sport into spotlight

(From left) Tchoukball Association of Singapore president Delane Lim, Singapore women’s tchoukball team captain Irene Tan, ST podcast producer Hadyu Rahim and ST sports reporter Deepanraj Ganesan in the studio. ST PHOTO: TEO TONG KAI

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In this episode, ST Sports reporter Deepanraj Ganesan chats with Tchoukball Association of Singapore president Delane Lim and women’s team captain Irene Tan.

On Jan 1, the Singapore women’s tchoukball team made history by overtaking powerhouses Chinese Taipei to become world No. 1 for the first time. Lim and Tan talk about how they found out about reaching the summit, the shock that followed and how they hope the news will change the future of how the sport is received in Singapore.

More importantly, Lim outlines his hopes for better support from the authorities for the sport.

Highlights (click/tap above):

0:55 On finding out that they had become world No.1

2:30 What is tchoukball?

3:45 How popular is tchoukball in Singapore and around the world?

6:20 On the struggles of the Tchoukball Association of Singapore not being a national sports association

9:40 When can Singaporeans catch the team in action and what kind of support do the players hope for in the future?

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Produced by: Deepanraj Ganesan ( & Eden Soh

Edited by: Eden Soh

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