Taekwondo: Milan Kwee steps down after helming federation for 14 years

A file photo of Singapore Taekwondo Federation president Milan Kwee. Kwee announced his impending departure during the national sports association's annual general meeting, on Sept 29, 2018. PHOTO: NATIONAL OLYMPIC COUNCIL

SINGAPORE - Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) president Milan Kwee has stepped down after 14 years in charge, the national sports association announced on its website on Tuesday (Oct 9).

According to the STF, Kwee - who was elected one of the four Singapore National Olympic Council vice-presidents in June - tendered his resignation during a monthly management meeting on Sept 18. It took effect on Oct 1.

He announced his impending departure during the national sports association's annual general meeting on Sept 29, saying that he wanted to make way for "young, more energetic and smarter" members to take over, and did not wish to "hog his position" after more than a decade in charge.

Following Kwee's resignation, first vice-president Ho Mun Wai, honorary treasurer Juliana Seow, and assistant honorary treasurer Ng Lee Noi also decided to leave the STF.

Second vice-president Lee Chee Wee and committee member Yeo Soon Keong decided to follow suit after an emergency meeting was called on Oct 5, when the management committee decided to invite Kwee back as an adviser to the STF. According to the STF statement on its website, the invitation to Kwee "did not go well" with them.

The statement added that Kwee rejected the STF's offer on Oct 8 and expressed a preference to "spend more time with my grandson and allow the younger (members) an opportunity to work, without any hindrance from me whatsoever, to bring STF to greater heights of success".

The STF's committee has elected David Koh as acting president, as well as Lee Thiam Poh and Sebastian Lee as its honorary treasurer and assistant honorary treasurer respectively.

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