ST Run: Bond with your kids or challenge yourself during a CrossFit session

Participants focusing on bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges during a CrossFit class at Innervate Fitness.
Participants focusing on bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges during a CrossFit class at Innervate Fitness.PHOTO: INNERVATE FITNESS

SINGAPORE - The idea of doing deadlifts and squats with your child does not sound like a family-bonding activity.

But at Innervate Fitness in Bendemeer, a CrossFit class for beginners welcomes children aged six and above, and participants of this year's The Straits Times Run can try a session on June 17 as part of the run's build-up programme.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that typically sees participants use equipment such as kettlebells and barbells and do bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges.

Capped at 30 participants, the family-friendly class will be held at Innervate from 10am to 11am.

Beginners will be introduced to basic CrossFit movements and guided on how to perform them safely.

"In the beginner class, we focus more on teaching them the moves and correcting their form," said Innervate representative Moses James. "It is slow-paced to ensure that they learn in a safe environment."

While adults will use light weights such as a 3kg medicine ball and lift broomsticks in place of barbells to practise their form, children will be taught simple bodyweight exercises through games.


"The kids will learn through play. We incorporate the fitness element into games to teach them the correct form and keep them engaged," said James, 29.

Using dodge ball as an example, he added: "Those who get hit by the ball will have to step out and maybe do some squats before they can join the game again."

But fitness enthusiasts familiar with CrossFit can challenge themselves further by signing up for the advanced class, where they will use more equipment and engage in team training.

The 30-strong class will be held from 8.30am to 9.30am on June 17. Participants must be 18 and above.

"The advanced class draws on team dynamics and camaraderie. We'll give the group a set of exercises to complete and each person will do some," said James.

"No one is fantastic at everything. This team concept lets them think about who can do which exercise better and delegate accordingly, which makes the workout more fun and interactive."

Building strength is the main benefit of the workout, he added.

"You get stronger by pushing your limits in a group workout setting, drawing motivation from the like-minded people around you."

The build-up to the sixth instalment of the Sept 23 ST Run will feature a range of fitness and lifestyle activities geared towards getting participants ready.

The CrossFit sessions follow the Bounce Fit class on May 5 that saw 40 participants torching calories while having fun on the trampoline.

Both activities are firmly in keeping with the theme of having fun while training for the run, which is key to making exercise routines stick.

Apart from CrossFit sessions, there will be a healthy cooking class at Cookyn Inc on June 23 and a cardio three-way session at TripleFit on July 22.


Registration for the CrossFit beginner and advanced classes is now open to all ST Run participants.

If you have not registered for ST Run 2018, visit to do so and add CrossFit activity as you complete your registration.

Successful registrants need only pay $5, which will go to the ST School Pocket Money Fund.

Please arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to your session.