Shooting: 'Licensing irregularities' lead police to seize firearms from rifle association, gun club

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have seized arms from the Singapore Rifle Association (SRA) and the Singapore Gun Club (SGC) after discovering "serious licensing irregularities".

A statement from the SPF said: "On Feb 2, the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department conducted an arms audit at the armouries of the Singapore Gun Club and the Singapore Rifle Association.

"Due to serious licensing irregularities, the police took possession of a number of arms. Police investigations are ongoing."

It is believed these irregularities are a result of some 70 arms not having the proper licences. This could be due to members quitting the club, leaving the country, or, in some cases, having passed away.

The Singapore Shooting Association (SSA) is now sorting out the irregularities with the SRA and SGC, both of which are its member clubs.

In the meantime, Sport Singapore, the local sports governing body, has closed the ranges at the National Shooting Centre until the issue is resolved. The closure does not extend to national shooters, who can still train at the facility.

A Sport Singapore spokesman said: "In light of the recent findings of the serious licensing irregularities at the National Shooting Centre, SportSG has closed the facility.

"SportSG has asked Singapore Shooting Association to implement measures to correct the situation before opening up for public use. National shooters will not be affected by the closure. SportSG is also using this opportunity to do enhancement works to the facility."

Correction note: An earlier version of this story said that the licensing irregularities refer to some 70 arms being unaccounted for. This has been changed as the irregularities are believed to be due to the lack of proper licences.