SEA Games: Six readers win limited 100Plus and mascot sets with posts on social media

The limited-edition 100Plus and SEA Games mascot Nila set.
The limited-edition 100Plus and SEA Games mascot Nila set. PHOTO: 100PLUS

SINGAPORE - Six readers of The Straits Times have been selected to win a limited-edition 100Plus and SEA Games mascot Nila sets, after posting pictures they took at the ongoing Games on social media.

The photos, taken from various venues since the biennial Games started on June 5, were shared on Instagram.

Three winners were announced during the SEA Games, with the remaining three revealed on Thursday.

Instagram user @weytahanvsco, for instance, took a snapshot of a hurdles event at the National Stadium while @xxisa.bellexx's submission was a photo of the SEA Games cauldron. @samtangtt took a picture of the fireworks outside the National Stadium on the day of the closing ceremony.


when you say jump they say how high #vsco #seagames2015 #ST100plus #goforgoldSG

A photo posted by Bweytahan (@weytahanvsco) onJun 11, 2015 at 8:18am PDT


#ST100PLUS #goforgoldSG

A photo posted by samantha (@samtangtt) onJun 16, 2015 at 8:52pm PDT

They join @titusaurus, @prisgooner and @kairos_catcher as the six winners of the reader's contest.


What an evening! 3 golds crowned off by a majestic win in the men's 4x200m free! #ST100PLUS #goforgoldSG

A photo posted by titus (@titusaurus) onJun 7, 2015 at 5:41am PDT


Today's view from the OCBC arena.

A photo posted by Hannah (@kairos_catcher) onJun 6, 2015 at 2:48am PDT

The winners should email their contact details to and will be contacted shortly.

They win the collectors' item as part of a readers' contest conducted by ST and 100Plus. Pictures posted could be used both on ST and 100Plus online and social media platforms, as well as the print edition of ST.