Rugby: Montfort Secondary School to keep sport as co-curricular activity in about-turn

A petition page called "KeepMontfortRugby" was created on Facebook following an announcement by the school last month to drop the sport as a CCA in 2019. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/KEEPMONTFORTRUGBY

SINGAPORE - Rugby will remain a co-curricular activity (CCA) in Montfort Secondary School, The Straits Times understands, following a clarification session between parents and the school authorities earlier last week.

Last month, the school had decided to drop the sport as a CCA in 2019, which caused confusion and frustration among players and their parents.

A petition page called "KeepMontfortRugby" was created on Facebook, appealing to the school to keep the sport.

The U-turn by the school to retain rugby in the school's CCA roster was announced in a statement on the page on Sunday (Nov 26).

"A favourable decision was reached between the school and Montfort rugby team to withdraw the phasing-out of Montfort rugby," said the statement. "We would like to thank the school for the decision."

In a statement on Wednesday (Nov 29), the school's management committee said:

"Montfort School Management Committee would like to inform students, parents and alumni that the Rugby CCA will continue to be offered in Montfort Secondary School, even as it remains under review.

"After a few dialogue sessions, all stakeholders agreed that the current state of the Rugby CCA needed significant improvement.

"Thus appropriate support measures will be implemented and relevant milestones have been agreed upon.

"We are appreciative that all stakeholders are enthusiastic in this effort to strengthen the CCA so that each student may benefit from a quality programme.

"Providing a quality CCA experience in a safe environment is a key objective and we look forward to each Montfortian committing to grow in character and striving to achieve his potential."

Former players of the school, including national rugby union captain Gaspar Tan, welcomed the news.

Tan, who is currently head coach of the school team, told ST: "It's good news, it's awesome that parents have stepped up to help the alumni and team.

"I think it's really just another chance to prove that it's worth it to keep the sport in the school, not just in terms of the results it produces, but also how it helps in building character, like how the boys have learnt to be more disciplined."

Former national Under-23 rugby captain Low Feng Hua, also an alumnus of the school, added: "The news is awesome, and I think the boys must really work harder from now on."

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