OCBC Cycle: Learn about common cycling injuries and how to manage them on May 23

THERE are two main categories of cycling injuries - acute traumatic injuries caused by accidents and falls, as well as over-use injuries, which are chronic and sustained from long periods of repetitive movement.

Singaporeans may lack awareness regarding issues such as bike fit that can potentially lead to the latter, says National University Hospital (NUH) Sports Centre director Dr Lingaraj Krishna.

With cycling, prolonged pedalling is the main factor that leads to strained knees. A bicycle seat that is too low adds to this strain.

He added that the bent posture of cyclists can also result in neck, back, hand and wrist pain.

This is exacerbated by the fact that cyclists often stay in one position for long periods of time.

The orthopaedic surgeon will elaborate more about this during an injury management talk at the NUH Sports Centre on May 23.

A panel of medical experts will discuss the common types and causes of cycling injuries and address how they can be treated.

Information about appropriate footwear and even diet and nutrition will be included.

Fifty Straits Times readers will get the chance to attend the talk, which is part of the lead-up to the OCBC Cycle.

Simply sign up at stsportscontest@sph.com.sg by 5pm, May 13.

The e-mail should be titled "Cycling injuries" in the subject field and include your name (NRIC), NRIC number and contact number.

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