Mass participation sporting events not permitted: Sport Singapore

There will be no spectators allowed at sporting events and competitions. PHOTO: SINGAPORE SPORTS HUB

SINGAPORE - Sport Singapore (SportSG) has released details to explain the impact of Covid-19 restrictions announced on Friday (May 14) on sporting events.

Sporting events

Q: What sporting events are currently permitted?

A: Mass participation sporting events will not be permitted. Organisers are to work with SportSG to cancel or postpone the events to a later date.

All other sporting events, including live spectator sporting events, sport competitions and tournaments, will be subject to approval before they can proceed.

There will be no spectators allowed at sporting events and competitions.

National sports associations (NSA) that are organising competitions and tournaments related to qualifications for international competitions for national athletes should approach SportSG early to discuss their plans.

This applies to all sporting events, including those that have previously been endorsed by SportSG.

Q: I have previously submitted my application and received SportSG's endorsement to organise an event. Can I still carry on?

A: The multi-ministry task force announced that from May 16 to June 13, there will be further tightening of safe management measures to curb the transmission of Covid-19 within the community.

In view of this, all sporting events (for example, mass participation, tournaments/ competitions) that have previously been endorsed by SportSG, will not be permitted to take place.

Organisers are to cancel or postpone the events to a later date, to safeguard the community against infections.

Q: I represent an NSA and would like to conduct a tournament/competition during this period for athletes' international qualifications. Is it still possible?

A: NSAs are advised to approach their NSA partnership officer from SportSG as soon as possible to discuss these plans, and to obtain approval for the event before they can proceed.

Large outdoor group classes

Q: I am a registered instructor under SportSG's large group outdoor classes. How does the latest measures affect me?

A: Approved large outdoor classes in public spaces such as parks and Housing Board common areas can continue.

For organised programmes and indoor classes, an additional service provider (such as an instructor or a coach) from a permitted enterprise may guide the group.

Multiple groups of two remain allowable up to 30 participants or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower, if the activity is of low intensity with participants wearing masks at all times.

The groups of two are not to intermingle and must remain 3m apart.

If the activity is of high intensity where masks have to be removed, only two persons are allowed (including instructor or coach) and there can be no multiple groups of two.

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