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Alvin Sham Raaj and Sakinah
Alvin Sham Raaj and Sakinah

Alvin Sham Raaj, 24

Pro muay thai fighter and freelance trainer

Height: 1.75m Weight: 64kg

Exercise regimen: I train twice a day, six days a week. I run 7-10km in the morning for conditioning, followed by weight training for strength. I finish with 200 sit-ups. In the evening I run 3-5km followed by muay thai training which means I hit the bag. I have a trainer to hold pads for me so I will be "hitting" him. I do clinching and sparring. After that, it's 300 speed kicks on each leg. Then I finish with 200 sit-ups.

Diet: I tend to eat a lot. My metabolism rate is very high, so I can eat anything I want. My preference is high-protein food, especially steaks. I stay away from fast and fried food. I love cakes and pastries but avoid them. I drink cold water because it feels good as the training makes my body very hot. I like fruit juices and chicken essence now and then.

Sakinah, 23

Boxing and fitness instructor/undergrad

Height: 1.66m Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise daily, either boxing or HIIT workouts, twice a day. I start with skipping and stretching, then shadow boxing, some bag drills and sometimes partner drills. HIIT are the kind of workouts I like. I lift lighter weights but do more repetitions. Explosive exercises like jump squats, burpees and jump lunges really help with my boxing. I don't take days off because it affects my endurance and stamina.

Diet: I do intermittent fasting, eating within an eight-hour window every day from noon to 8pm. This ensures I don't over-eat or snack unnecessarily. Eating fewer calories has helped me stay focused and less lethargic during the day. I do have days when I indulge but for just one meal.

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